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4 Sewing Tips For Beginners

Posted by ,8th Dec 2020
4 Sewing Tips For Beginners

Sewing by hand is one thing, but using a sewing machine is quite another and it can be very daunting for new sewists to make the transition… but once you’ve tried machine sewing, you’ll realise just how much fun it is and you’ll find a whole new world of sewing opens up, as a result.

With a lot of machine stitching, one of the most important considerations to bear in mind is to keep your stitches straight. If you look at your machine, you’ll see marked measure lines on the needle plate and you should keep the edge of the fabric in line with this so you don’t end up with wonky sewing.

You’d also be wise to start slowly and then build up your speed as you become more confident with using the machine. It can be tempting to crank the speed up, but you’ll ruin a fair few sewing projects doing this.

Also learn how to change your needle very early on. The more you sew, the blunter your needle will become and you’ll find the machine doesn’t work as well if your needle isn’t sharp.

And do some reading up on the different types of thread so you know you’re using the right one for the fabric you’re working with. If you’re using knitted or stretchy fabric, polyester thread is fine, while cotton thread works well with cotton or linen material. If you’re working with silk, however, you should make sure you use fine silk thread.

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