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How Sewing Can Help Your Mental Health

Posted by ,11th Nov 2020
How Sewing Can Help Your Mental Health

The global pandemic has had a very real impact on the nation’s mental health and it would be no surprise if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and anxious because of everything that’s happened so far in 2020 - but there’s one way in which you could help alleviate any symptoms you might be feeling and that’s reaching for the sewing machine.

Sewing is an incredibly meditative and mindful pursuit, because it means you have to concentrate on nothing but the task in front of you, which helps to push any negative thoughts and feelings you may be having to the back of your mind.

You're sure to finish your sewing project feeling incredibly revived and refreshed, better able to tackle what this year has to throw at you.

It can also help you meet new people and make new friends and connections, even during lockdown when you can feel more isolated, with social interactions on hold for the next few weeks. Why not think about joining a sewing group online, making new friends and picking up new skills at the same time?

You can also give your confidence and self-esteem a very real boost by being creative, giving yourself a very real sense of accomplishment when you finish what you set out to do. With Christmas just around the corner, why don’t see if you can make your presents this year?

You could even turn your new hobby into a viable business, whether that’s sewing face masks for use during the pandemic or something else creative. A whole new world awaits when you own a sewing machine!

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