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The Easy Way To Ready A Sewing Machine For Threading

Posted by ,15th Jan 2021
The Easy Way To Ready A Sewing Machine For Threading

The first thing you will need to do with a sewing machine you hire or buy is to thread it and get it ready to start stitching.

Whilst most sewing machines are unique, and the best place to start winding and threading is to check the instruction manual that comes with your machine, there are common steps and parts that will make the process easier.

Wind The Bobbin 

The first step whenever you thread a machine is to remove the bobbin (the spool that holds thread ready to sew) from its casing and load it via either a front-loading or drop-in mechanism.

Ensure that the first bobbin thread is the top thread you want to use.

Place Thread Onto Spool Pin

Place your thread reel onto the spool pin, making sure to place the plastic guard that comes with your machine over it to keep the thread held in place.

Pull the thread to the left of the machine and carefully thread it through the thread guides.

Next, push the thread through a small hole in the top of your bobbin, ensuring there is about 3cm of thread poking through.

Hold this in place and slip the bobbin onto the winder (a mini spool pin to the right of the machine). Slid the winder to the right until it clicks in place.

Wind and Prepare Thread

Gently apply pressure to the foot pedal to slowly wind the thread onto the bobbin, making sure it is even. Once you are satisfied, cut the starting end of the thread with a pair of scissors, and increase the pressure on the pedal until the bobbin is fully wound.

Once there, cut the thread, slide the winder to the left and replace the bobbin into its casing.

At this point, make sure to check the instructions match your machine’s instruction manual.

As every machine is unique the steps to threading the machine can also differ, but once the bobbin is set up, the steps to thread the machine are much simpler.