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How to Choose a Sewing Machine

Posted by ,15th Jan 2021
How to Choose a Sewing Machine

Sewing is a rewarding creative activity, and learning to make your own products can also save you a lot of money. However, to get the most satisfactory results, it is important to buy or hire a sewing machine that is right for your projects. There is a plenty of choice out there, so here’s a quick guide to help you make the best decision.

The first thing to consider is who will be using the machine! If it is exclusively for yourself, then you will probably already have some idea about what projects you want to work on. If you will be sharing the machine, or it is a gift, consider the level of sewing ability, frequency of use, and type of work to be undertaken.

If you just want to run up hems and make simple repairs, it is not worth investing in a large complex sewing machine. However, if you or the user is an experienced machinist who will be sewing regularly, a machine with different stitch functions can save a lot of time and labour.

Most sewing machines are now operated by electricity, as opposed to older manual mechanical styles which required a wheel or dial to be turned on the side of the machine. Electrical mechanical machines are operated by a foot pedal which works a bit like a car accelerator to regulate the pace of stitching.

For the intermediate user, an electronic machine which can handle heavier fabrics and has a wider variety of stitch options is ideal. If you want to make clothes, look for features such as automatic buttonholes. They will also be adaptable to a range of stitch lengths and threads.

Experienced machinists would benefit from a computerised sewing machine which is capable of making professionally finished products. They have precise controls, automatic tension, and can be connected to the internet to download designs.

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